I have a strong drive toward clarity and simplicity, and a keen sensitivity to language and the shape of narratives — words, sentences, and paragraphs; background, argument, and story line.  I am particularly attuned to strategies for translating specialist language into a story line whose shape and language are accessible to your readers on the outside.

Ingredients, written and spoken

The ingredients of your report, proposal, web copy, or executive summary are likely a combination of conversations and existing writing.  I integrate information and concepts from diverse types of documents, interviews, and/or independent research. I listen and draw out the details, and create a first draft that reflects what I heard and read.  Then ensues an iterative process through which we arrive at the document’s final form.

I’m a quick study and pay close attention to the content, tone, and goals of your project.  The final draft is polished and clear, and its structure uses an optimal mix of technical and accessible prose — reaching every reader.

Types of documents

I’m up for virtually anything — especially documents that you, the subject matter expert, have a hard time putting into a form that reaches your target audience.

  • Guides and reports
  • Meeting and workshop summaries
  • White papers
  • Executive summaries
  • Best practices documents
  • Fact sheets
  • Grants and proposals
  • Instruction manuals