Satisfaction throughout the writing process can be yours! As a writing mentor, I work with:

  • individuals on specific projects
  • individuals over time, as they develop their writing process, skills, and style
  • collaborative teams on specific projects
  • collaborative teams on their overall process
  • organizations as a whole

With outside eyes on your draft and an ear to bend, you’ll write more quickly and produce higher-quality work. And it’s more fun. It’s not just your readers who need to maintain their momentum — maintaining your own is important, too.

I provide mentoring structured to meet your specific goals. Some common activities we’ll undertake together are:

  • subdividing the writing process into its component parts (working with your strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and context)
  • identifying a document’s purpose, scope, and audience
  • establishing a promising structure for a document at the outset
  • clarifying who the audiences are and what they know, feel, believe, and want
  • for teams, bringing together the knowledge and talents of all individuals in a way that maximizes their contributions and undergirds an efficient process

Mentoring can take place via email, phone, Skype, and/or in-person meetings. Contact me to discuss your options.