I’m a writer, traveler, researcher, and builder. My writing/editing/co-thinking work spans the policy arena, social sciences,┬áhumanities, biological and biomedical sciences, and technical fields. I’m focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the vast question of climate, as well as other science- and technology-related areas involved in creating a more resilient world.

My own work is at the intersection of technology, knowledge, environment, and society. I am a student of old and new technologies, and how their adoption and use is shaped by policies and by us — individually and collectively, choice by choice, the difficult decisions and the easy and obvious ones. I am intrigued by the chasm between what we think moves us to action and what actually does. I’m committed to understanding that chasm and working with it, to push forward the changes in energy use and lifestyle that, if our kids and grandkids are to have a recognizable, thriving life on planet Earth, we have to make.

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