Karin Matchett

I’m a writer, co-thinker, editor, and writing coach. I work on topics in energy and climate, and at the intersections of science, technology, and society overall. My clients are academics, engineers, communications professionals, efficiency experts, community organizers, and people doing¬†policy research and analysis.

Some of my clients write for a living and enjoy it, and others write only as a last resort. They write for technical experts, policymakers, business people, academics, and the public. Their audiences have different concerns and different needs, and these writers must expertly bridge the gap between their own perspective and knowledge and those of their diverse range of readers — not a simple task.

Writers are faced with creating a structure and style that capture readers’ attention, and this doesn’t happen with the first draft. Polished, effective writing that satisfies readers — and converts them into allies — takes time. It requires a nuanced sense of what readers know and care about, and knowledge of the writing structures that they rely on.

Since writers’ habits don’t automatically meet readers where they’re at, effective communication means collaboration, teamwork that combines your subject matter expertise with my translation toolkit.